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Explore Valuable Cyber Security Tips to Safeguard Your Web Applications from any Hacker

webIt seems that it is no longer a mystery that the favorite attack surface of hackers seems to be web applications. We understand that web applications are right on top of data breaches according to multiple reports. Experts believe that software vulnerabilities and application weaknesses. Still continue to be an incredibly common weak point that allows cybercriminals to launch external attacks. The latest DBIR or the ‘Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report’ web applications are placed among the first three attacks. Vectors in as many as eight out of the nine important industry verticals that have been covered by this report. As per stats provided by SAP, about 80 percent of the total cyber-attacks occur primarily on the specific application layer thus. Making it the hot favorite attack surface for the hackers.

As per, a hacker attack generally occurs on an average every 39 seconds. It was even more shocking to learn that the computers involved in the study had recorded as many as 2,200 attacks on an average daily. Apart from demonstrating the increasing aggressiveness of hackers, these critical statistics go a long way in highlighting. The significant role that today’s web application monitoring services and tools play in safeguarding and securing web applications. 

Website security or even the lack of it could critically and directly impact a website including its organic performance. That is the chief reason why website security must never be ignored in terms of digital marketing plans. Here are some effective tips to secure web applications for the year 2020 and even beyond.

Learn More About What All Is There In Your Code with Effective Software Composition Analysis

It is of pivotal importance to know all details about the software components that you seem to be using, and precisely where they have come from. Even though a vast majority of the companies come up with proprietary components.  99 percent of them are using open source as per OSSRA. Open source is effective in minimizing the expense and time of app development. It would be providing ready-made raw materials hence, developers would not have to bother about reinventing the fundamentals each time they come up with a new app.

However, open-source is as secure as any other software and necessitates licensing. That implies that companies that do not know precisely what they are utilizing could be missing notifications about the availability of patches for known vulnerabilities.  Get in touch with a reputed SEO marketing firm – for perfect solutions.

Hiring Cutting-Edge Web App Monitoring Services & Solutions

Acquiring advanced tools and effective monitoring services is a great step for your web applications. And it is a fantastic way of improving and fortifying the security of all your web applications. A vital function of the latest web application monitoring tools is scanning for web application vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities that are detected are assessed quickly for understanding the associated level of risk. The top priority is given to the crucial weaknesses of web applications.

We know that certain vulnerabilities could be emerging from old websites. That seems to be partially live and certain web applications that the company must have forgotten completely or lost track of. App monitoring tools could detect potential leaks and effectively shut them down. We know that tools including automated random testing & web app analysis could assist you in boosting the security of web apps.

Focus on Supplementing Automated Scanning with an Effective Manual ‘Source Code Auditing’

Automated web app risk, as well as, security assessment tools could be identifying all technical vulnerabilities much better. And delivering quicker results as compared to the most competent and experienced penetration analyzer. But that type of tool would probably miss logical vulnerabilities that could be detected exclusively with a manual audit.

Using both manual source code auditing and automated assessment of security organizations could identify all kinds of vulnerabilities. It is crucial to understand that manual auditing could be costly, time-consuming, and may not be capable of identifying all logical vulnerabilities.

Test All through the SDLC Process

If you are developing your unique web application, you must consider initiating testing and detecting all through the SDLC or the Software Development Life Cycle. Hackers are just able to scan and probe your application for vulnerabilities and weaknesses only when it goes live. Developers who are having easy access to the code could be using an effective white box scanner that places then in a strategically advantageous position while detecting vulnerabilities prior to a web application becoming live.

Gain Sound Knowledge about How Vulnerabilities Could Be Exploited

The hacker techniques may be evolving continuously but they generally look for some very common vulnerability of the web apps. It would be a wise decision to know more about some of the common weaknesses that are exploited by hackers pretty often. These would be including broken authentications, SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, faking request scripts, and weak deserialization. 

Ask Professionals to Try Breaching Your Security

Once you have meticulously assessed, tested, and resolved the most crucial vulnerabilities and weaknesses, the most effective way of testing your security. It would be to get professionals to assist you in making an attempt at hacking your web app. Try to avoid messing up anything else and always perform the test is very much an isolated environment for eliminating. The risk of your IP getting banned by your host once it discovers that you are trying to attack your web app.


Like any responsible and dedicated website owner, you must know the significance of online security. It is a great idea to keep prepared for the worst, for instance, infection or the much-dreaded security breach. Though many host providers would be having your website backups in the event of an attack. It would be a great move to back up your data on a regular basis. However, be determined about identifying and resolving the issue before your website goes live again.

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